Tobacco 21 is an educational campaign to generate statewide awareness and support for raising Connecticut’s minimum tobacco sale age to 21.

Roughly 95% of adult tobacco users started before age 21. About 1,500 youth under age 18 in Connecticut become new daily smokers each year. Raising the tobacco sale age to 21 will delay youth experimentation with tobacco and reduce the chance that youth become daily tobacco users. Help prevent youth initiation and pave the way to a better, healthier future.

Tobacco 21 protects Connecticut’s
youth at a crucial stage in their lives.

Tobacco 21 doesn’t just help 18–20 year olds. Tobacco 21 limits teens under 17 from obtaining tobacco from older friends—greatly decreasing their risk for developing a daily nicotine addiction.

What costs more than a pack of cigs?
A lifelong addiction.

Every year, Connecticut loses nearly 5,000 lives to tobacco-related illnesses. And every year, 1,500 Connecticut youth take up a daily nicotine addiction. By raising the tobacco age to 21, we can solve the problem BEFORE it happens.

Minor impact on revenue. MAJOR
reduction in healthcare costs.

How can Connecticut save $353 million? By raising the tobacco age to 21. The savings from tobacco-related healthcare costs will add up fast.

Don’t our troops deserve freedom
from addiction, too?

Making an exception for the military fails our young troops most of all. Tobacco age limits are based in science. Teenage brains are still forming, making them much more likely to form an addiction whether they are in the military or not. All youth deserve to be protected.

Raising the tobacco age won’t hurt
local businesses.

We can protect local businesses and our youth at the same time. Raising the tobacco age to 21 affects less than 4% of Connecticut’s current tobacco users. It simply prevents new users from taking up an unhealthy nicotine addiction.

Download the resources below and lead the conversation in your communities.